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Vivilen knows how important it is to style your tee correctly, not just wear it casually. You asked yourself multiple times that how can I style a tee or wear it according to the latest fashion trends? For example, I've tons of jackets, long sleeves, and even some stylish flannels, but I didn't know how to wear them with a graphic tee. So today, we will give you a comprehensive overview with a guide on how men wear their graphic tees with some practical tips.


A comprehensive guide for men to carry graphic tees with the latest fashion trends. Here, you can get practical tips on styling your t-shirt, including color contrast, choosing the right print for a specific occasion, some layering techniques, and adding a touch of glam through accessories. Following this, you can maintain a refined look from casual days to formal office meetings.

Are graphic tees in style 2024?

Are graphic tees still mainstream in today's fashion? If the answer is yes, what designs are the most trendy?
In today's era, everyone likes unique and different prints on tees with meaningful words according to their personalities. The tees come in various designs, and meaningful words are written on them, so we wear what we think. Because of the powerful external influences controlling the graphical world, these tees are still popular and will remain fashionable as long as individual choices are unaffected. Typography is a prevalent trend that will be very popular in 2024. The tee indicates an individual's personality, and if what they're saying gives you a tip, you may read it on their clothing.


4 Step Guide to Style Your Graphic Tee

Today, we will discover a unique style and go with the flow, so let's talk about the visual tee, which will still rock your look in your 20s.
It is known to everyone that every man looks great in formal attire, but it takes effort to maintain an outfit every day, right? Every man prefers to look exactly like an ideal version of themself. You'll not choose to put on another outfit after work. The true challenge now is dressing in a t-shirt to make you unique and express your style

⦁ Colour Contrast
The detailed fashion guide may take some time ‌, but here I'll give you some pro tips about the colour contrast of your outfit, making you elegant and simple. Consider the colour theory, use your sixth sense, and consider the colour contrast that looks aesthetically beautiful. Dark and light shades are the simplest to contrast—for example, navy and cream. If you'd like to go fancier, you may acquire something similar in shade to the light colour. It would look just as well if you went with turquoise and blue..

 ⦁The Right Graphic

The most essential part is here: choose the suitable print for your t-shirt. Luckily, this is your choice of which type of design you want to see on your tee. If you want to look classy in your t-shirt, go with an abstract graphic tee; simplicity is better when looking more grown-up. You can add jeans and pants with joggers. This casual combination has given a touch of refinement due to its colouring and abstract design.

 ⦁ Layering

One excellent approach to complete your look is with layers. A t-shirt might come across as loose and casual until it's a hot day, so that you can get away with it.
Add a touch of personality to your outfit by layering a denim jacket over your t shirt. This is ideal if you're on the thinner side and prefer your physique to look more prominent since it will add volume to your figure. Since a printed tee is a casual attire, you may wear a blazer with your tee instead of a heavy covering if you want to appear semi-formal.

 ⦁ Add accessories

As you do in your early 20s, wear dull, annoying, and bright tees, which other people have suggested, so stop doing it now!
You don't have to sacrifice your likes and styles. You can easily step out of these terrible styles, which make you look fatter and not suit your personality.
You can add many accessories to your tee, such as hats, belts, watches and sunglasses, to give your outfit a more classic look.
So it's fine to have some fun with your t shirt, add layering to your attire and discover new trends!


3 Graphic Tees, 3 Looks

Casual CoffeeShop Work Session

One of my preferred graphic tee styles is pairing it with formal dress pants. I took a cue from one of my Saturday evenings with some of my business mates, who dressed elegantly with a soft combo tone and formal accessories. You can elevate the outfit by replacing the sweat shorts with grey formal pants and combining the white smiley graphic design tee with a light denim blazer. I preferred off-white sneakers instead of black shoes, which softens the look.

Business attire

Artistic designs are my favourite kind of t-shirt because they blend with creativity. Every man gives ideal inspiration to their unique look to others. The white artistic tee with male features prints perfectly complements his statement with a sports coat. To enhance the attire look further, you can add dark colours, such as sticks to deeper neutrals like the olive-coloured bag, black jacket, and black boots. 

Formal Look

 Anything resembling a movie poster or vivid abstract design on a t-shirt should be avoided during formal events like friend gatherings, lunch dates, or business parties. Add a simple and elegant design tee with a soft tone colour and combine this tee with a brown jacket or pista green sportscoat. You can finish this attire by wearing brown sneakers and a watch on your hand to give a decent look.

Finishing touch

So graphic tees are about uniquely expressing yourself. Instead of wearing something that didn't match your event, try adding different styles and layers to your tee.
Before pairing your tee, remember what event or day you're in and what type of people you will see there. By knowing these factors, you can easily present yourself in a refined way.
Do you find this post helpful for you? Or did I miss any tips you usually add to your daily attire? If so, then let us know in the comment section!


Javeria Rizwan
Javeria Rizwan

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