Do you have a furry pet (or feathered!) ? Who brings happiness and love into your life? If you have, then you want to celebrate their unique style and personality. At Vivilen, we believe every pet lover looks best, so we offer a range of pet tees. It's the ideal way to express their pet's charm and celebrate with them.
Designs to Choose From

Our collection offers an impressive variety of colours and designs, so you'll take your ideal tee to match your style and identity. Whether it's stripes and polka dots or pet print and some slogans, we have something for everyone.
Fashionable Look

Pet tees are a fun and trendy way to elevate your furry pet love. These cute tees are designed to match your pet's unique personality, whether you have a dog, cat, or any other type of pet. From funky prints to simple and elegant designs, there's a pet tee for every moment.

Adding Style and Comfort to Your Pet's Wardrobe

You can explore options at Vivilen to charm up your fashion sense with a pet shirt. Here are some popular picks:
Parisian Pet:

We have a variety of dog shirts of various sizes. Finding the perfect fit for you is easy with the combination of styles and colours these shirts have.
Mountain Pets:

Due to the popularity of animal print shirts with large face designs on different animals. These shirts are not only fashionable but also provide relaxation.
Dog Clothes:

We offer lightweight and soft shirts with dogs pictures of different sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit. Whether wearing a casual tee for everyday wear or a customised tee for a special occasion, pet shirts are the perfect way to keep yourself looking chic and comfy. So why not grab a few tees and let your true colours shine?
Show Your Love for Pets

We understand that pets are not just animals — they are family. That's why we provide high-quality pet shirts. honouring the connection between humans and animals. When you choose a Vivilen pet tee, you are giving a fashionable look and joining pet enthusiasts who strongly believe in showering every furry companion with love, care, and admiration.








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